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It's time to give life to your postcards. 

Scan "PostkARto" and enjoy the magic.

Postcards have always been very popular among tourists and one of the most memorable gifts for friends. At present, postcards continue to be relevant among tourists. Taking this into account, our company has developed a mobile application based on Augmented Reality technology. The application's name is derived from the Spanish word "PostkARto", which means a postcard. 

Features of the application

3D Scanner: 

The 3D model of the object depicted on the postcard is displayed on the postcard by your smartphone's camera. With the help of this functionality, you can get acquainted with the described object in detail by looking at 360 degrees. This functionality gives the feeling that a small model of the object is in your hand. 

AR Video Player: 

The functionality of reading the image of the pictures reflected in the postcards in video format has been added to the application. With the help of this functionality, presentation videos of national music, national cuisine, descriptions of traditions, and geographical areas can be placed where it is impossible to make a 3D model. It is possible to watch the video with the recipe of our national cuisine on the postcards. Performances of national music can be placed on postcards with national instruments. In general, you can post presentation videos of the images there.