Pickvisa.com or VisaHQ? Which one to select for visa support?


14 October 2020

In today’s world, time is the most valued asset. Often it is not enough even for the holidays. But if you have the opportunity to rest abroad, use it rationally! To save precious vacation days and not to waste time on obtaining visas, you can use the services of visa services companies.

The main task of online visa companies is to assist customers in preparing visa documents package to apply and subsequently obtain a visa. In practice, it turns out that the visa support company also ease the work of the consular staff since the services are provided on a paid basis, and many details are done instead of the customer without additional questions to the consulate.

What is the difference between Visa Companies and Visa Application Centres?

Visa Application Centres are private companies that have formal agreements with the government of the country represented and usually accept visa applicants instead of the embassy or a consulate. Visa companies are private companies that provide their clients with services to obtain visas more easily. Basically, all your documents are prepared by them for you to apply to an embassy or a Visa Application Centre.

Advantages of using the services of visa companies

The existence of this kind of services allows you to avoid the hustle of preparing all documents by yourself and save your time. Even in the peak tourist season, the support team allows you to submit documents super fast without losing your time and ruining your vacation.

The websites available on the internet allow you to get all the necessary information about the required documents directly from visa specialists. Such platforms usually have consultants, who will give explanations, check the availability and correctness of the documents. Visa application processes are complex, time-consuming, and require a detailed approach, thats you may need additional professional help.

The services provided by the visa companies usually include a visa consultancy, filling the visa application form, reservation of flight tickets, booking accommodations, controlling and checking all visa documents, following up with a visa process, or applying on your behalf in some cases.

The employee responsible for receiving documents will check the accuracy of documents and questionnaires, along with their completeness. If any documents are missing or filled in incorrectly, the visa specialist gives explanations. The repeated delivery of a set of documents after making corrections is carried out in an accelerated mode thanks to digital service availability.

Today we are going to discuss the benefits one can get from using this kind of platforms by comparing two popular visa online services companies: Pickvisa.com and Visahq.com.


Pickvisa.com is an online portal that offers visa services to receive travel, education, and business trip visas to any national to any country worldwide. The Pickvisa team has succeeded in achieving tremendous success, offering top-notch service and helping visitors all over the world, even though the business is relatively young.

What kind of services it provides?

Pickvisa does all visa procedures on behalf of applicants to get a visa. They collect the required information and some basic documents from you, then process with the application procedures. The service includes individual visa consultancy, filling the visa application form, booking the flights and accommodation, checking all visa documents, following up with a visa procedure, etc. They offer additional services that depend on your visa application.

The fee for the Pickvisa service depends on the country you want to visit, the visa type and the visa difficulty. You can check the main page of the website for the specific service charge for your visa application. You will need to specify your citizenship, country of residence, the country of destination and visit purpose.


You should not worry about your personal information while applying with Pickvisa. The company protects all the data online and shares the information only with the related visa authorities, eliminating all the data afterwards.

Why should one choose Pickvisa?

The Pickvisa team does its best to help its clients to secure a visa and to minimize their participation in the process. They expertise exclusively in visa issues, which makes Pickvisa.com unique in the service industry.

Pickvisa website is userfriendly, and its vast database provides information about all visa requirements for any country in the world. The website also suggests additional visa tools to ease the process for customers and solve the majority of common visa and travel-related problems. These tools include Visa Chance Calculator, Visa Application Form Generator, Visa Requirements Map, COVID-19 Test Centers, Global Diplomatic Missions List and others. For any further questions, you can always contact them, and everything will be solved quickly.


VisaHQ provides online visa services and US passport solutions since 2003, allowing travelers to apply for visas to almost any country in the world online. The services of VisaHQ simplify the unlikely rigid hours and practices maintained by the consulates of the world as they are entirely incompatible with the timing and condition of the modern worker.

What kind of services it provides?

The special online application by VisaHQ allows a painless procedure to apply for one visa or many visas. For those foreign travellers residing far from major urban centres, this typical scenario just further complicates itself, rendering VisaHQ’s services invaluable to the vast array of international travelers. Customers may apply for travel visas using unprecedented online technology by filling out one universal, 100 per cent paperless electronic form.


An in-house team of technology experts who constantly track the site protects VisaHQ. The highest standards protect personal data, and VisaHQ will never reveal the data of anyone to any third party. VisaHQ uses the Premium Extended Validation SSL Certificate to offer the highest possible level of online assurance.

Why should one choose VisaHQ?

As part of VisaHQ’s dedication to supporting travellers, they provide free access to the detailed database of visa requirements, their critical database of customs regulations and the online list of contact details for Embassies and Consulates. The human resources of VisaHQ are further assisted and strengthened by its own technologically advanced infrastructure, which reflects the aim of the organization to encourage innovation in the industry.

So, Pickvisa or VisaHQ?

Both platforms have an amazing service to provide customers with a stress-free visa process, collaborate with most of the embassies worldwide, protect your data and suggest affordable service. I would say that if you seek for more personalized, prompt and fun interaction with the platform, the perfect choice would be Pickvisa.com as it’s a young team of real travellers who are willing to help each client individually in a short period and treat applicant’s passport as like their owns. As the company is growing, its spirit makes the service more friendly and loyal to customers doubts or extra requests. VisaHQ, on the contrary, would be an option for you in case you are a US resident, prefer a more schematic approach and older background of the company. No matter which company you choose, I hope that all your visas will be obtained easily and all of your travels will bring you positive emotions!

Source: artdaily.com