Pickvisa Launches a New Tool for Applicants to Calculate Visa Chances Beforehand


11 January 2021

In December 2020, Pickvisa released its new tool – Visa Chance Calculator, which makes it possible for users to see their real chances to get a specific visa in a few clicks.

More than half of the visa applicants are rejected, and they spend lots of non-refundable funds for the visa applications. These cases mainly happen with USA, Canada, and UK visas. What if the applicants knew that they had less chance to obtain those visas beforehand and decided not to apply? Pickvisa.com came up with the solution to this issue: Visa Chance Calculator!

How does the Visa Chance Calculator work? The tool asks applicants a couple of questions and then informs them regarding the visa chance. Initial questions cover the applicant’s citizenship, current residency, travel destination, and travel purpose (tourism, business, study). It further clarifies the details of the selected travel purpose. Once all the questions are answered, the tool analyses the chances to get a visa to a destination country based on the applicant’s profile and provides the exact percentage. The results are based on specific algorithms and data from previous visa cases and visa knowledge of the Pickvisa.com Team.

Visa Chance Calculator is a user-friendly tool as it takes only a couple of minutes to provide the exact result. It is available both on Pickvisa.com and as a separate Visachance.com website as well. 

The company made a unique mascot – Uncle VISARD (visa+wizard combination) for the visachance.com website. He is the face of the product asking users the required questions in various poses.

About Pickvisa.com

Pickvisa.com is an online platform to minimize travelers’ involvement in documentation processes for travel, education, and business trip visas to any country worldwide.

What makes Pickvisa stand out in the service market is its specialization exclusively on visa issues and an extensive database about visa requirements of any country worldwide. The company’s motto is “A passport full of stamps rather than a house full of stuff!”

Source: Benzinga.com